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The History of Gama Elit
The company Gama Elit Ltd. was established in 1998 by Mr. Georgi Georgiev with 100 % Bulgarian participation. The idea was realized the existing up to the moment import and distribution of quality products for the home and the office to be expanded with the building of a shop net throughout the country.

The company is distinguished with its high professionalism, the quality of the offered products and with the reasonable prices. The team consists of young and ambitious people who strive to satisfy the requirements of all customers, to answer their needs to the highest degree and to assist them in making the best choice.

During the years “Gama Elit” earned the name of a correct, sure and effective partner among the suppliers and customers. One of the most significant trademarks, which we represent on the Bulgarian market, is Brabantia - established in 1919 in the Netherlands. Its product profile is diverse - metal bread boxes and product boxes, metal waste bins from 3 l to 60 l, ironing tables, utensils for the preparation of food, saucepans, frying-pans with guaranteed quality, appreciated in more than 90 countries in the world.

We represent several important trademarks from Germany - one of them is Fissler. This company has high positions in the production of first class cookware, which are outlined with precise making, high level of usefulness, stylish and unique design. All products with the trademark Fissler make work in the kitchen easier and increase the pleasure from cooking.

Beka - more than 100 years tradition and high quality. From its establishment in 1899 by Daniel Braun and Jakob Kemmler, Beka is specialized in the production of high quality cooking utensils for the preparation of food (saucepans, frying-pans, wok, fondue, etc.) and accessories for the table with up-to-date emanation. The materials used in the manufacturing of the products Beka guarantee fast, but delicious cooking. The right distribution and preservation of the heat contribute for achieving high energy saving effect. With the products of Beka you increase your possibilities for preparing the desired dishes. Ergonomic and heatproof handles, a measurement scale, glass lids. Beka thinks about everything. The development and the research of new products is an endless process in the company. The goals are - development of new materials, innovations and finding solutions, which will give the customer possibility to cook every day in the course of the years with guaranteed success.

Justinus Bestecke is a German company, manufacturer of tableware and kitchenware. Their products are distinguished with perfect design and produced by high quality materials.

From Germany we also represent Auehahn - one of the oldest and most famous trademarks for table fashion accessories. During its 140 years of existence the company formed an excellent reputation as a producer of products of extraordinary esthetics, made by stainless steel. The design of the products Аuerhahn influences the people - this is the philosophy of the company, showing the direct connection between the emotion and the product.

Le Creuset France – a company, set up in 1925, with traditions and quality in the production of enamelled cast iron utensils for the household. The idea for Le Creuset appeared when Armand Desaegher (a specialist founder) и Octave Aubecq (an expert in enamelling) found the possibility to improve the flexibility of the cast iron, used for the production of cookware. Preservation of the traditions and the authenticity - this is the leading principle of the company from its establishing. Although some of the production processes are modernized nowadays, you can be sure that the handmade utensils of Le Creuset remain unchanged. They are manufactured in a foundry and every single part changes the hands of 15 qualified craftsmen to ensure the irreproachable and perfect look with the consecutive qualities of the authenticity, originality and innovation. The company Le Creuset has close connections with the heritage of the past and its contemporary way of life giving life-long guarantee for its products.

SimpleHuman the USA - high quality, non-standard and creative products. Diversity of dryers for plates, waste bins, bathing accessories - created to ensure more effective everyday life!

Since 2007 we have been working with the Japanese company Global, a producer of traditional Japanese knives, offering its products to more than 65 countries all over the world. The knives are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Hardened steel CROMOVA 18 is used for the edges of the knives, which guarantees preservation of the sharp end longer and resistance to rust, stains and corrosion.

All trademarks that we offer to the Bulgarian market can be viewed in the built chain of shops “Gama Elit” in the towns Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas, as well as online in the electronic catalogue

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