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(+359) 2 980 85 85


The Mission of Gamal Elit
Great variety of objects is created in the whole world, serving the man to facilitate and improve his way of life as well as his way of nutrition. Products, connected with the everyday life and products connected with the healthy way of life are created. Products, which are on the verge of art, are also produced.

For us it is a great pleasure to find the best products on the world scale and to offer them on the Bulgarian market. The trademarks that we represent are the proof for this:
Brabantia – the Netherlands; Fissler – Germany; Beloinox – Portugal; SimpleHuman – the USA; Beka – Germany; Auerhahn – Germany; Justinus – Germany; Jata – Spain; Paderno – Italy; Le Creuset – France; Magefesa – Spain; Legnoart – Italy; Kela – Germany; Sambonet – Italy; T&G – England; Valira – Spain; Global – Japan; La Cafetiere - the Netherlands, Peugeot - France.

The range of products comprises the high and middle class and we aim our company never to be found in the column “bad” or “suspicious” quality. Thanks to the good connections with our customers and the desire to satisfy their high requirements we have achieved great product diversity, which sounds to us as “Gama Elit”. We follow all new tendencies, technologies and used materials in our sphere of activity. Every year we add hundreds of new articles in connection with the dynamics of the incessantly developing world.

To be nearer to our customers and to give opportunity to more people to have access to the products we offer – THIS IS OUR GOAL!

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